Advertising is meant to promote to the Business Counters (hereinafter referred to as BC) and generate the best results.

Weegle ads are different. Starting with AR ads, you can realize ads through AI and Big Data.

Using a comprehensive new media support system encompassing instant messaging, live and shopping, we expect optimal advertising effects.

This is an advertising platform that captivates advertisers through a web page that allows Ads be shown in real-time advertising and exposure users with them.



Myshop is a mobile commerce platform, where all users who use Weegle can freely sell and buy the goods they want to. Users can open their own shop on the platform and sell a variety of goods, they want to trade in the shop. And buyers can easily get the goods they need.

In addition, Touch-commerce broadcasting linked to myshop can show myshop's products more vividly to consumers, and sellers who are difficult to sell directly through show host such as home shopping can also commission sales. And sales-savvy users can generate new revenue through Weegle’s show hosts