Weegle Chat

"Chat and Much More"

- Basic chat functions
- Secret chat
- Group chat
- Share a video and watch it together
- Live broadcast with your friends only

Private Live

"Share your live moments with your family & friends"


- Share your live moments with the only people you chose free.
- Share your special live content such as lectures and so on with the selected people by you and earn money.

Public Live

"Share your Live Connection to the World"


- Broadcast your live moments to the world publicly.

Weegle MyShop

"Your Free Online shop"

- Have your own online shop
- Receive your sales money easy
- Connect your Shop to your Weegle Channel
- Promote your Shop live

Touch Commerce

"Promote your goods Live to the world"

Promote your products live by Weegle Touch-Commerce.
Your Touch-Commerce live is connected to your Weegle Shop.
The viewers can buy the products while watching your live Touch-Commerce,
by touching on the links exposed on the screen.

Weegle Pay

"A Secure and Easy Payment Platform"

- Pay with your card or Weegle Wallet fast, easy and safe
- Pay by Weegle QR code fast and cheap



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