Terms of Use

Chapter 1
Article 1 Purpose

These terms are designed to define rights, obligations, responsibilities and other needs between company and member in respect of the use of services.

Article 2 Specification, Effect and Change of Terms
1. The contents of these terms are posted on an initial screen for individual services or services provided by the company or notified in other ways, and effective for all of you who agree to terms.
2. If necessary, the company may change the terms without violating relevant laws. If the terms changes, the company will notify or inform you of changes in the Weegle notice from 15 days prior to the enforcement of terms.
3. Although the company made a clear announcement that the revised terms are considered an approval unless you do not express your disapproval from the date of notice or notification to 7 days after the enforcement of terms while notifying or informing according to the above clause, it considers the changed terms to be approved if you do not express your intention. If you do not agree to the revised terms, you may cancel a contract under Article 13, Clause 1.
Article 3 Regulations Excepting Terms
The matters, which aren’t provided for in the terms, are governed by regulations such as relevant laws, individual terms of services set by the company, operational policies and rules (“Detailed Instructions”). If there is a conflict between the terms and Detailed Instructions, follow the latter.

Chapter 2 Weegle Account
Article 4 Weegle Account Creation
1. The Weegle account is a login account you need to use the Weegle services. It is created as a procedure to approve the subscription after Weegle authenticates the entered schedule information when you agree to the terms and enter the schedule information needed to create it.
2. It can be created with a mobile phone number, a password, etc. These two things are required.
If you complete the process of membership registration after agreeing to the terms and entering essentials for your membership, you will be able to use the services provided by Weegle.

3. To use Weegle services, you must join to be a member of Weegle.

Article 5 Denial and Reservation of Weegle Account Creation
1. The company may not accept the creation of your Weegle account in the following cases. In particular, if you are under 14, you can create it only if you have the approval of your legal representatives, such as your parents.
- If the company has deleted your Weegle account by the terms
- If you are trying to create your Weegle account using personal information, such as someone else's mobile phone number.
- If you do not enter the information you need to create your Weegle account, or if you enter false information
- If you violate other relevant laws or if you are against standards set by the company, such as Detailed Instructions
2. If it turns out that you have created your Weegle account in violation of the above conditions, the company may make appropriate restrictions, such as immediately stopping the use of your services or deleting your Weegle account.
3. The company may reserve the creation of your Weegle account in the following cases.
- If the company has no realistic room to provide the capacity of service facilities
- If the company thinks there is a problem with the technical aspect of providing the services
- If other companies admit their financial and technical needs
Article 6 Management of Weegle Account
1. The Weegle account is only available to you, and the company cannot allow others to use your Weegle account. And you need to manage your password on your own so that they cannot use it without your permission. The company may make sure that you enter your password and go through the additional identification process to prevent them from using it without your permission. If you find that they use it without your permission, please let the company know through the customer center, and it will show you how to prevent them from using it without your permission.
2. You can view and modify your information through the service configuration screen. However, the modification of your information may need the additional identification process. If you are trying to change the information you provided when you applied for the service, please modify it in the service by yourself or let the company know through the customer center.
3. The company does not bear responsibility for any damages caused by not modifying your service information.

Chapter 3 Service Use
Article 7 Offer and Change of Various Services
1. The company offers a variety of services that you can enjoy on the Internet and mobile, such as messenger, broadcasting, and e-commerce. You can download and install the services from the smartphone application store, or access the web version to use the services. For more information on how to use individual services, please refer to the application store and the Q&A center for each service, the official website, and the appropriate instructions and notices.
2. The company can provide updated software versions for better services. Updates to software include adding important features or removing unnecessary features.
3. To provide you with better services, the company may display information, including notices, administrative messages and other advertisements related to the use of services.
4. If you find the problems such as system errors while using the services, please contact the customer center at any time.
5. Please note that if you connect to the wireless internet of telecommunication firms and use the services instead of using the Wi-Fi wireless internet, you may be charged for separate data communications from them. You must pay data communication charges in the process of using the services to them under your expense and responsibility. For more information on data communication charges, please contact your mobile carrier.

Article 8 How to Use the Services and Notes
1. You are free to use the services, but you cannot use them in the wrong way as follows.
- You cannot interfere with providing the services in the wrong way or access them in any way other than the way led by the company.
- You are prohibited from collecting and using information of other service users without their permission or providing it to others, using the services for commercial purposes, and sending or posting information in violation of public order and good morals and laws such as obscene information, copyright infringement and false facts about the company or third party.
- You are prohibited from copying, modifying, distributing, selling, transferring, renting, providing the services or some of software, allowing others to use them without the company's consent, and reproducing, disassembling, imitating or modifying the services such as reverse engineering the software or attempting to extract the source code.
2. You cannot transfer or give the right to use the services or the status in other contracts to others, nor provide them as security.
3. If you don’t comply with relevant laws and all provisions or policies of the company, the company may investigate your violations, delete or temporarily remove the posted contents, stop using the services temporarily or permanently, and limit re-entry.
4. If you don’t have a login or access to use the services during the period prescribed by law, the company may destroy or detach and store your information after notifying by other effective means, such as sending a text message to your mobile phone. If you don’t have enough information to use them, it may cancel a contract for you to use them. If you do not login the Weegle services for a year, your account can be also converted to a dormant account.
5. For more information on the matters specified in this article and the use of other services, please refer to the service operation policy.
Article 9 Management of Postings
1. If your postings include contents that violate relevant laws such as the Information and Communication Network Promotion and Information Protection Act("Information and Communication Network Act") and the Copyright Act, a right holder can ask the company to stop or delete corresponding postings, and then the company shall take action in accordance with relevant laws.
2. If there is a reason for the infringement or the violation of other company's policies and relevant laws, the company may take provisional measures against the corresponding postings in accordance with relevant laws-even if there is no request from a right holder.
3. For above details, follow the "Infringement Complaints" procedures set by the company within the limits specified by the Information and Communication Network Act and the Copyright Act.

Article 10 Attribution of Rights and Use of Works
1. You can post contents ("Postings") such as photographs, writings, information, videos (images), Weegle services and opinions or suggestions about the company to the services, and naturally, a right holder continue to hold intellectual property rights including copyright on these Postings.
2. If you post a posting on the Weegle services, you can expose it to all Weegle services. A license is granted in a sense that permits you to use it through use, storage, modification, reproduction, public transmission, display and distribution within the limits required for this. The posted content persists, even after you stop using the services or opt out of the Weegle services. The rights you grant to the company under this license are used within the limits of operating, improving, promoting and developing services. Some services may provide you with a way to access or delete content you have provided.
3. You must retain the rights required to license the company for the content you have provided to it. Posters are responsible for any problems caused by not retaining these rights. You cannot also disclose and post obscene or violent content and other content in violation of public order and good morals and laws.
4. If the company judges that your content is in violation of laws and service policies, you can delete it or refuse to post it. However, the company is not obligated to review all content. If someone has violated your rights, you may be able to get help with your takedown request through a notification.
5. The services may display some content not held by the company. Content providers are solely responsible for such content. Although you use the services, you don’t have any rights to other users’ content. You must separately obtain permission from content owners to use other users’ content.
Article 11 Use of Paid Services
1. The company offers free services, but some services may be available for a fee. For example, you can send and receive messages with your friends for free on Weegle messenger, but the purchase of some emoticons for a fee is required for sending them to your friend.
2. If you use the paid service provided by the company, you make it a rule to use after paying the use fee. The payment methods for the fee services provided by the company include mobile phone payment, credit card payment, general phone payment, account transfer, deposit without bankbook, payment through electronic prepayment means and block chain coin, and there may be differences in payment methods for each paid service.
For the regular payment services on a monthly basis, you make a monthly payment unless you stop using the services and ask for the cancellation of regular payment.
3. The company may additionally request your personal information that it needs to fulfill the payment, and you must accurately provide your personal information requested by it.
4. A general refund of the fee for your personal reasons is as follows. However, if the company restricts your services or terminates the contract because you are in violation of the terms, it will not give you any refund.
- No Refund is possible after paying for the paid services provided by the company and using the services. However, if any unavoidable circumstances are recognized, the entire amount of service fee will be refunded.
5. For the following each case, the full amount paid by the individual will be refunded despite the above-mentioned regulations. However, the charges are refunded only if the services such as emoticons with the unlimited use period are within one year from the date of purchase completion after completing the purchase once.
- If the services are not available for the company’s fault despite service failure or the satisfaction of minimum technical specifications provided by the company
- If the services you purchased are not available
- If the services provided are different or markedly different from the display, advertisement, etc
- If it is markedly impossible to use the normal services due to a defect in the services provided
6. You can file a complaint about the fees. However, you must file a complaint about the fees within one month from the date of the reason is known and within three months from the date of the reason occurrence.
7. For the fees paid by mistake or in excess or a full refund, the company must give you a refund in the same way as the payment of the use fees. However, for impossible refunds in the same way or partial refunds due to the midway cancellation of services, refunds are paid in a separate way determined by the company. The company will issue refunds within 3 business days from the date of the refund obligation. If refunds are delayed, the delay interest rate will be 11% at annual interest. However, if your cooperation is required for a refund, the delay interest won’t be paid for the refund delay due to your personal reasons. The cost of the refund will be borne by you for the refund due to your personal reasons and by the company for the refund due to the company's fault, respectively.
8. If there is a conflict between the paid services regulations and the individual paid service terms, you and the company are governed by the regulations of individual terms.
Article 12 E-Commerce Use within Service
1. If you use the services to do a telemarketing or telemarketing brokerage business, you must comply with the obligations under the Act on the Consumer Protection in the Electronic Commerce Transactions etc (hereinafter "E-Commerce Act").
2. If you have a dispute with another user about e-commerce in doing a telemarketing or telemarketing brokerage business, the company will arrange a device for other consumers to apply for the consumer damage relief.
3. The company will provide you with the function to enter your identity information in accordance with the E-Commerce Act to confirm your identity information, and if the dispute between you and another user makes Consumer Dispute Settlement Agency, Fair Trade Commission, mayor, province governor, county governor and ward chief ask the company to provide identity information in accordance with the E-Commerce Act, the company will cooperate with their requests.
Article 13 Service Use, Change and termination
1. The company makes every effort to provide the service without stopping to rest 24 hours a day for 365 days a year. However, the service delivery may be temporarily suspended for periodic and temporary check or other considerable reasons for maintenance and repair of the equipment. At this time, it will notify you of this on the service delivery screen in advance. If the services are interrupted for the company’s unpredictable reasons, the company will endeavor to restore the services as soon as possible as soon as the company gets the strength of the situation.
2. The contents of the services may be changed, or the services may be terminated for terminating and changing the contract with CP contracted for the company’s service delivery or launch of the new service. The company will notify you by posting changes or termination of service on the individual service screen or notice column. The company will separately notify you of service changes or termination that have an enormous influence on you by methods of sending email or text message to email address or phone number used as your Weegle account..
Article 14 Cancellation of Service Use Contract
1. If you no longer want to use the services, you may apply for the cancellation of the service use contract at any time by using the menus provided within the services, and the company will promptly deal with it as provided by the laws.
2. Once your use contract is canceled, your information will be deleted unless the company retains your information in accordance with the laws and personal information processing policies. If your postings are posted by a third party with scraps or other sharing functions, or you add postings such as comment to the third party's postings, they will remain in the services without being deleted.
3. All personal information will be deleted for Weegle membership withdrawal. However, users who have registered My Shop sales items can withdraw the Weegle membership after using up all items or deleting all items
4. The cancellation of the paid service use contract will be established by your application for the cancellation of service and the consent of the company, and if there is the amount to be refunded, the refund will be made. However, if each individual paid service stipulates the method and effect of contract cancellation other than these terms and conditions, it will be governed by the separate provision of each separate provision.
5. Even if the use contract is canceled, you can apply for the signing of use contract to the company again. However, the reapplication after cancellation is possible after a week.
6. After withdrawing, you can register your new Weegle service again. If you reenter the same phone number, it will be available after a week.

Article 15 Protection of Personal Information
Your personal information is used only for the purpose and within the limit of your agreement to provide you with a service smoothly. The company will not disclose your personal information to third parties unless you are bound by legislations or you agree otherwise.

Article 16 Delivery of Location-Based Service
1. The company can include a location-based service in its services to provide useful services that help your real life.
2. The company's location-based service is a free service that receives and provides location information from a location information provider that collects location information of your cellphone. Specifically, it is as follows.
- A service (place sharing service) that allows you to share your current or specific location with other users or to create a post related to it
- A service (information delivery service) that delivers living information or advertisement information using your current location
- A service (content sharing service) that helps you share content with other users using location information recorded in or associated with content, such as your photos
3. If you have been infringed or need to exercise your rights in relation to the company’s location-based service, you may be able to get help through the customer center, and when it is difficult to discuss disputes related to location information between you and the company, you may apply for arbitration to the Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee pursuant to in accordance with the regulations of Article 28, Clause 2 of the Act on the Protection and Use of Location Information and Article 43 of the Personal Information Protection Act.

Chapter4 Other
Article 17 Compensation.
1. The company makes no commitment or warranty of any specific details not stipulated in these Terms and Conditions in respect of the services within the limit permitted by the legislations. In addition, it makes no warranty of information, data, reliability of facts, accuracy, etc. posted on the services by the methods provided by CP (Contents Provider) or created by member, and it bears no liability for your damages caused by these
2. If you suffer damage from the company’s mistakes, the company will compensate you for damage in accordance with these Terms and Conditions and the legislations. However, it will bear no liability for the following damages. In addition, it will bear no liability for indirect, special, consequential, exemplary and punitive damages within the limit permitted by law.
- Damages caused by natural disaster or acts of God
- Service failure due to your fault
- Personal damages in the process of accessing or using the services
- Damages caused by third parties’ illegal access to the company’s server or their illegal use of its server
- Damages caused by third parties’ interference with the transmission to or from the company's server
- Damages caused by third parties’ transmission or distribution of malicious programs
- Damages caused by abridgment, omission and destruction of transmitted data, and damages such as defamation in the process of third parties’ use of the services
- Damages caused by other companies' unintentional or errorless reasons

Article 19 Dispute Settlement
These Terms and Conditions or services are governed by and enforced by the laws of the Republic of Korea. If there is a dispute between the company and you in regard to your use of the services, the former will consult with the latter to settle it in good faith. Nonetheless, if it is not settled, you can file a complaint with the competent court of the Civil Procedure Act.

Personal Information Handling Policy

1. What is the personal information handling policy?
OJWorld Co., Ltd. (hereinafter "Company") collects, uses and provides personal information based on the user's consent, and make a “guarantee of the user’s right (Personal Information Self-Determination)”.
The Company complies with the relevant laws, relevant act and subordinate statute of the Republic of Korea, privacy regulations and guidelines with which information and communication service providers must comply.
The "Personal Information Handling Policy" means the guideline that the Company must comply so that the user can safely use the services by protecting his/her valuable personal information.
This Personal Information Handling Policy applies to the Weegle Service (hereinafter "Weegle" or "Service").

2. Personal Information Collection
The Company collects the minimum personal information for the service delivery. All information is also encrypted and stored on the server.

The Company collects personal information to provide the following services through homepages, individual applications and programs during membership or the use of the services.
-Phone number, contact information (third party's phone number and name) user name (nickname) and profile picture stored in address book of cellphones such as smartphone
Some services may collect additional personal information after the user’s consent except information that is mutually collected from the 'Weegle' to provide the specialized several features.
Required Information: Information to perform the essential service functions
Optional Information: Additional information collected to provide more specialized services (even if the user does not enter optional information, there is no limit to the use of the services)
When collecting personal information, the Company must notify the user of the corresponding fact in advance and seek his/her consent.

Personal information collected from the user during the use of the services is as follows.
-Information such as cellphone information (OS, screen size, device ID), IP address, cookie, visit date and time, unauthorized use record, and service use record can be automatically generated and collected during the use of PC Web and mobile web /app

3. Use of Personal Information
Personal information is used for membership management, service delivery and improvement, and new service development.
The Company collects the minimum personal information for providing the services through the homepages, individual applications and programs during membership or the use of the services, as follows.

- Member Identification/ Membership Intention Confirmation, Identity/ Age Confirmation, Unauthorized Use Prevention
- Confirmation of legal representative’s consent when collecting personal information of children under 14 and identity confirmation when exercising legal representative’s rights
- Delivery of functions such as message transmission between users, friend registration and friend recommendation
- Delivery of functions such as notification of activity history to friends, user search and registration
- Delivery of analysis and service according to demographic characteristics
- New service development, various services delivery, questions or complaints handling, and notice delivery
- Content transmission or delivery for the use of the paid services • Settlement of fare, and charge settlement
- Prevention and restriction on interference with the smooth operation of the services (including the fraudulent and illegal use of account)
- Application to event participation confirmation, marketing and advertising
- Delivery of voice command recognition and personalization services
- Application to service use record, statistics on access frequency and service use, establishment of service environment in terms of privacy protection, delivery of customized service, and service improvement
- The Company does not collect or store personal location information for the use or delivery of personal location information.

4. Personal Information Delivery
The Company does not provide the third party with user’s personal information excepting user’s separate consent or provision by legislations.

5. Personal Information Destruction
Personal information can be destroyed without delay when the purpose of collection and use is achieved. The procedures and methods are as follows.
The electronic files are safely deleted so that they cannot be restored or reproduced. Besides that, records, printouts and written documents are destroyed by crushing or incinerating.
In addition, personal information of members who have not used the services for a year is separately kept or deleted according to the 'Personal Information Expiration Period System'.

Use of My Shop (Interpersonal p2p E-Commerce)

Service Terms
Chapter 1 General Rules
Article 1 (Purpose)
These terms are intended to provide the rights, obligations and responsibilities of the Company and its member (a service user who agrees to these Terms and completes member registration, hereinafter referred to as “Member”.) in joining to be a member of “My Shop”, interpersonal e-commerce (p2p e-commerce) provided by OJWorld Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Company”) to the Weegle Messenger service and in using this.
Article 2 (Stipulation, Effect and Amendment of Terms)
A. The Company may amend these terms without violating the relevant laws such as the Online Digital Content Industry Development Act, the Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, the Regulation of Standardized Contracts Act, and the Framework Act on Consumers.
B. If the Company amends the terms, it will stipulate the application date and the amendment reason of the existing terms and the amended terms together with the current terms from 15 days before the application date to a considerable period after the application date. And if the amendment is disadvantageous to the Member, it will be posted on the service homepage screen, or notified to the Member by text message or other means from 30 days before the application date to a considerable period after the application date.
C. Although the Company has clearly notified the Member of the changed terms in accordance with the preceding clause, if he/she does not indicate his/her intention to deny from the notice date to 7 days after the enforcement date, it will consider them to be approved. If the Member does not agree with the amended terms, he/she may cancel the contract in accordance with the regulations of Article 7, Clause 3.
E. The Member must comply with the relevant legislations such as the Act on Consumer Protection (ex: regulations on mail orders such as supply, display advertisement, return and delivery), the Framework Act on Electronic Commerce (ex: regulations on consumer protection), the Framework Act on Consumers (ex: regulations on obligations of business operators), the Act on Fair Indication and Advertisement (ex: indication related to the detailed goods description, entered matters), and the Act on the Promotion of Information and Communication Network and Information Protection (ex: regulations on personal information protection) in using the services provided by the Company, and cannot insist on any indemnity from the violation of the relevant legislations for these terms.

Article 3 (Definition of Terms)
A. The definition of terms used in these terms and conditions is as follows.
1. Member: A person who has approved these terms and signed a service use contract with the Company. Membership is divided into individual members and business members.
2. Seller: A member who has registered items with the intention of selling in accordance with the form provided by the company online
3. Buyer: A member who has approved the purchase of items from the seller.
4. Service: The Company’s service that the member can use regardless of the terminal (including various wired or wireless devices such as PC, TV and portable terminal) implemented.
5. Direct Transaction: The seller’s and buyer’s action of sending and receiving goods payments directly
6. Bulletin Board: The virtual space on the service provided by the Company so that the Member can post the contents in the letter form for communication between members
7. My Shop Name: The name of each individual's store as a combination of numbers and letters set by the user's application.
The meaning of terms in these Terms not defined in the preceding clause A is governed by general business practices.

Chapter 2 Membership and Management
Article 4 (Service Use Contract)
A. The contracts for the use of the services provided by the Company (hereinafter referred to as “Use Contract”) are divided into those for the purpose of only purchase and those for the purpose of purchase and sale, and the use application of those who want to use the service (Membership Application) is established by the company’s approval. The Company posts its intention to approve the service use on the service screen, or notifies the applicant of the service use by text message or other means.
B. Membership for the use of the Company's services can be done through authentication of the telephone number after the service user agrees as shown in Clause A. However, if the company admits the need, it can let the Member to submit separate documents.
C. The business operator may need the submission of documents determined by the Company. He / She cannot call the Company to any responsibility for damages due to the delay of the submission.

Article 5 (Use Application)
Anyone who wants to use the purchase and sale services in My Shop must be registered as a Weegle member.
1. There is no additional registration in My Shop separately for purchase.
2. The sale needs the process of opening “My Shop”, and it can be opened by entering the shop name.

Article 6 (Approval of Use Application)
A. In principle, the Company will approve the use of the services if the applicant has accurately entered the essential items specified in Article 5 and agreed to these terms. It may refuse to approve the use application in violation of its policy.
B. If the Company has following reasons, it may reserve approval of the use application. In this case, it posts the reason for the approval reservation, approval time, and, and other matters related to the approval reservation such as additional request information or data for approval on the service screen, or notify the applicant of them by email or other means.
1. If it has no room for the facilities
2. If it has technical difficulties
3. If other companies admit to need reasonable judgment
4. If the applicant has previously lost his / her membership in accordance with these terms, but exception if he / she obtains approval to re-membership of the "Company"
5. If the applicant uses the name of someone else
6. If the applicant enters false information, or he / she does not enter the contents provided by the "company"
7. If a child under 14 has not obtained consent from a legal representative (parent, etc.)
8. If the user cannot obtain approval due to his / her fault or if the user applies in violation of other regulations, the Company may ask for verification of the real name and authentication of the person through professional organizations according to the type of "Member" in application under Article 15, Clause A.
C. If the Company does not approve or reserves the membership application under Clause B and Clause D, it will, in principle, notify the applicant of this.
D. The Company can classify "Member" by the grade according to the Company policy, and differentiate the service use by subdividing the use time, number of uses and service menu.
E. The Company may limit the use or grade of "Member" to comply with grade and age under the "Act on Promotion of Movies and Videos" and the "Juvenile Protection Act".

Article 7 (Termination of Use Contact)
A. The Company may delete Member’s My Shop in accordance with the procedures in these terms.

B. Deletion of Member’s Own My Shop
1. The Member can delete My Shop at any time. However, he / she must complete, withdraw or cancel all purchasing or selling procedures before deleting My Shop, and he / she cannot delete My Shop unless he / she do this work. In addition, the disadvantage caused by this will be borne by him / her.
2. My Shop will be closed immediately upon deletion.
3. If Member deletes My Shop, any postings made by him/her in his/her My Shop will be deleted.
4. Member who has deleted under this Clause may rejoin in accordance with the membership Procedure and related provisions established by these Terms. However, if he/she applies for rejoining after withdrawing from membership, the Company may restrict rejoining for a certain period of time.

C. Deletion of Member’s My Shop at Company Level
1. If Member has the following reasons, Company may forcibly delete his/her My Shop. In this case, it will notify him/her of the cancellation intention by looking into the reason for cancellation after one warning.
1) If Member tries to register non-conforming articles for sale, or engage in an act of commodity trading in violation of public order and traditional customs
2) If Member violates the rights, honor, credit and other legitimate interests of Company, any other Member and any other person, or if he/she tries to interfere with the smooth progress of the services provided by Company
3) If Member has registered his/her goods without intention to actually sell (hereinafter referred to as "Sales Impersonation Registration"), or if he/she is recognized as having been purchased and sold
4) If Member has reason for making the use of normal services impossible or difficult such as a decision or declaration of bankruptcy•incompetency•quasi-incompetence•regeneration, death, disappearance declaration, confinement and bankruptcy (In this case, Company may take measures such as of membership suspension and service restriction to protect the transaction safety instead of the contract cancellation.)
5) If any other Member acts in violation of these Terms, the cancellation reason specified in these Terms, and the Company policy
2. If Company deletes Member's My Shop, it may delete his/her goods without separate notice.
Member who deleted My Shop must bear the responsibility for the damage caused by the My Shop deletion, and Company won’t bear any responsibility.

Article 8 (Collection of Personal Information)
Company collects necessary personal information from Member in accordance with the regulations of relevant legislations to provide the services.

Article 9 (Change and Protection of Member Information)
A. Member can view and amend their personal information at any time through the "My Page" screen in the Weegle service.
B. Company does not bear the responsibility for damages from Member information, and business Member can change Member information in the separate way specified by Company.
C. Member should not provide false information when applying for membership.
D. Member bears the responsibility for his/her damages or others’ damages caused by the unamended information, and Company does not bear any responsibility for this.
E. Company won’t use the information provided by Member for purposes other than the purpose of operating the Company service or provide it to the third party without the user’s consent. However, the following cases are an exception:
1. If Company is allowed to use Member information and provide information about the third party based on the legislations
2. If Company asks for user’s consent in accordance with other companies' terms and policies

Article 10 (Use of Service)
A. My shop provides the following services to Member.
1. One-to-One Inquiry Board Service for each product (Each posting can be selected publicly or privately)
2. Electronic Payment Service: credit card payment service and other mobile payment services for electronic commerce
3. Screen Exposure Service: Service that allows the company to collect Member’s goods records such as sale information, purchase information and member information, and expose to the service main and each detailed list so that each member can use the goods transaction service quickly and conveniently
6. All services provided to Member through other companies’ additional development or partnership agreement with another company.

B. In principle, “Service" is provided all the year round, 24 hours a day.
C. Company may temporarily suspend the delivery of "Service" if it has considerable reasons for maintenance, replacement, breakdown, communication interruption and operation of the information and communication equipment such as computer. In this case, it may notify Member in the way specified in Article 17 [Notice to Member]. However, if it has inevitable reasons that cannot notify in advance, it may notify after the fact.
D. Company may carry out regular inspections if necessary for the delivery of services, and the regular inspection time is governed by the notice on the service delivery screen.
E. In principle, the service time is open all the year round, 24 hours a day (00:00-24:00), excepting that it is impossible for Company’s business or technology. However, Company can divide the service into specific ranges to set the separate date and time for reasons such as regular inspection of service facilities.
F. Company won’t use the information provided by Member for purposes other than the purpose of operating the Company service or provide it to the third party without the user’s consent. However, the following cases are an exception:
1. If Company is allowed to use Member information and provide information about the third party based on the legislations
2. If Company selects the third party for the purpose of providing various benefits and experiences to Members.
3. If Company asks for user’s consent in accordance with other companies' terms and policies

Article 11 (Notification of Service Change)
A. If the services are changed or the service is terminated due to the termination of contract with CP (Contents Provider) contracted by Company for providing the services, the change of CP and the launch of new service, Company will notify through Weegle notice. However, affiliated services are excluded.
B. When Company notifies many and unspecified persons as shown as the preceding clause, it may notify Members of this through other companies’ Notices page on the website. However, it notifies matters that have a significant influence on Member's transactions through the notice board, text message or other means for a considerable period of time.
C. If Company has considerable reasons for the difficulty of smooth service delivery and the deterioration of profitability due to the reduced use of services, the need for conversion into next generation services due to the technological progress, and the change of its policies related to the service delivery, it may change or suspend all or some “Services” provided according to the operational and technological needs
D. Company may amend, suspend and change some or all services provided free of charge in accordance with its policies and operations, and not make any compensation for Member unless otherwise specified in relevant laws.
E. If Company changes the contents, use methods and use time of “services”, or suspends services, it may notifies the contents, reasons and dates of services to be changed or suspended in advance for a period of [30] days in the ways that Member can fully recognize such as its website or “Notice” screen and other methods before the change or suspension.

Article 12 (Delivery of Information and Notification of Advertisement)
A. Company may notify Member of various kinds of information that he/she considers necessary while using the "Services” in the ways such as “Notice” within the service, service screen and text message. However, Members may refuse to receive the above information at any time, excepting transaction information and customer inquiries under relevant laws.
B. Company may notify advertisements on the screen and homepage of services provided by it in respect of the operation of "Services".

Article 13 (Denial of Representation)
Company may bear only system operation and management responsibility for efficient services, and not represent the purchaser or seller in respect of the transaction of goods or services. Member must bear all responsibility for transactions between members and information provided and registered by him/her.

Article 14 (Denial of Warranty)
Company won’t give any warranty for the existence and authenticity of sale intention or purchase intention, the quality, completeness, stability and legality of registered goods, non-infringement of others’ rights, integrity or authenticity of data on URL linked through information entered by purchaser or seller in respect of transaction between purchaser and seller through its system. Member may bear entire risk and responsibility for this.

Article 15 (Nature and Purpose of Goods Transaction Service)
The goods transaction service is that Company provides the cyber marketplace online to trade sale and purchase of goods between members by self-determination of each member. Company does not sell goods to Member or purchase them from him/her, and only provides the transaction place and communication window. The transaction partners, members must bear responsibility for transaction between them.

Article 16 (Duty for Management of Member's Account and Mobile Phone Number)
A. Member is responsible for managing his/her account and mobile phone number, and must not be used by a third party.
B. If Member's ID and mobile phone number are a concern for leaking personal information, being anti-social, being out of traditional custom, or misunderstanding as Company and its operator, Company may restrict the use of his/her account and mobile phone number.
C. Company is not responsible for disadvantages caused by restrictions on the use of the account.

Article 17 (Notification to Member)
If Company notifies Member, it may notify on the notice board of services unless there is separate regulations in these Terms.

Article 18 (Restriction and Suspension of Service Use)
A. Company may restrict or suspend Member’s use of services in the case of a reason for each Number 1 below.
1. If Member interferes with the operation of Company's services deliberately and negligently
2. If Member violates the obligation of Article 13
3. If it is inevitable due to equipment check for service, repair or construction
4. If a key telecommunications service provider specified in the Telecommunications Business Act has suspended telecommunication services
6. When Company has trouble using the service due to national emergency, disruption of service equipment or excessive use of services
7. If Member does something that interferes with the activation of healthy transaction culture such as fraudulent and malicious articles
8. If Company acknowledges that it is inappropriate for it to continue providing the services due to other serious reasons
9. If Member does not pay for the paid services
B. Company has full rights to restrict or suspend the use of the services under the regulation of the preceding clause. Company may delete the ID and phone number of specific members who are acting in violation of its policy, and may make restrictions of all services such as transaction suspension without notification to Member at any time.
C. If Member has no record of using the Weegle application service for a period of one year in succession, Company may restrict his/her My Shop service.
D. Member or the third party (hereinafter referred to as "Applicant for Deletion") - who have suffered infringement of their rights such as privacy violation or defamation due to other members’ public postings - can ask Company to delete the postings, or post the refusal contents by proving the fact of infringement under the regulations of the Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Use and Protection of Information (hereinafter referred to as “Information Communications Network Act”). In this case, Company may take measures to temporarily block access to the postings up to 30 days (hereinafter referred to as "Temporary Measure") if it is unable to determine whether the postings are infringing the right or if there is a dispute between the parties.
E. Member whose postings have been temporarily suspended under the clause (E) (hereinafter referred to as "Poster") may request Company to restore the postings during the temporarily measure (hereinafter referred to as "Repost Request”). If Poster and Applicant for Deletion consent to Company’s request for deliberation by the Korea Communications Standards Commission for judgment on the defamation of Temporary Measure postings or if Company requests this on behalf of them and they do not consent to this, Company may decide whether to restore the postings, judging this. If Poster’s Repost Request is decided by the Korea Communications Standards Commission or Company within the period of Temporary Measure, it may be governed by the decision. If the decision is not within the period of Temporary Measure, the postings may be restored after the expiration date of Temporary Measure. If Poster does not make a request for Repost Request, the postings may be deleted after expiration of the Temporary Measure period
G. If Company acknowledges that the postings in the service infringe the third party’s rights such as privacy infringement or defamation or if Member or the third party do not notify of the infringement of their rights under the clause (E), Company may also take a temporary measure (hereinafter referred to as "Any Temporary Measure"). The procedure of Any Temporary Measure postings is governed by the latter part of the clause (E) and the clause (F).
H. If other members or the third party take civil and criminal legal measures (ex: filing criminal charges or civil suits such as preliminary injunction petition and damage claim) against Member or Company based on the infringement of legal profits due to Member’s postings, Company may temporarily restrict access to relevant postings until court rulings as a result of the same legal measures. The posting measure requester bears the responsibility for proving legal measures and court rulings in respect of the restriction of access to postings.
I. Company may provide the differentiated paid services between members at any time under its policy. If Member uses the services without paying costs, Company may suspend them to a certain member and restrict a certain service.

Article 19 (Company's Obligation)
A. Company must faithfully carry out measures such as maintenance, inspection or restoration of the equipment with regards to the delivery and security of its services to provide continuous and stable services.
B. Company may not send e-mails and SMS text messages for commercial advertising purposes that Member does not accept.
C. Company won’t disclose and distribute the personal information of Member - which is known with regards to the delivery of services - without his/her consent, and it will endeavor to protect this. Other matters related to Member’s personal information are governed by the Information Communication Network Act and the "Personal Information Management Guideline" separately specified by Company.
D. If Company concludes a service contract with the third party to provide Member with the services, it may specify his/her specific information provided to the third party for the service delivery in each individual service, and it will comply with relevant legislations, including the sharing of his/her personal information with third parties only during the period of providing the services within consent after it has received Member’s individual and explicit consent.

Article 20 (Member’s Obligation)
A. Member must not engage in acts corresponding to each Number 1 below
1. Acts registering false information for the application and change of membership
2. Acts stealing others’ information
3. Acts changing information posted by company
4. Acts sending advertising information for commercial purposes without Company’s prior consent
5. Acts copying, disassembling, imitating and otherwise modifying the service through reverse engineering, decompile, disassemble and otherwise any processing
6. Acts interfering with the normal service of "Company" by causing a load on its server in the different way than the normal use of the automatic connection program
7. Acts granting access to the third party other than Member himself/herself
8. Acts changing the information posted on the Company's services, or using the information obtained from the services for replication, publication and broadcasting for the purpose of profit or non-profit without the Company's prior consent, or providing to the third party
9. Acts giving the opportunity to promote Member himself/herself to the third party through the services provided by Company, or receiving money in the way of promoting for the third party, or receiving money in return for the transfer of the right to use the services
10. Act infringing the rights of Company or the third party by posting false facts about Company or any other third party or infringing their intellectual property rights
11. Acts using the Company’s paid services by using the others’ payment information such as account number and credit card number without their permission
12. Acts sending Junk mail, spam mail, chain letters, e-mails suggesting to join the pyramid organization and obscene or violent message • image • voice mails, or disclosing or posting other information contrary to public order and good morals
13. Acts transmitting or posting information (such as computer program) prohibited transmitting or posting under relevant legislations such as Information Communications Network Act
14. Acts Posting the media harmful to juveniles prescribed by the Juvenile Protection Act
15. Acts distributing information, sentences, figures and voices in violation of public order or traditional customs
16. Acts posting or emailing postings that impersonate an employee or a service manager of Company or insult the name of others
17. Acts posting or sending by email data containing software viruses or other computer codes, files and programs designed to interfere with or destroy normal operation of computer software, hardware and telecommunications equipment
18. Acts interfering with the other members' use of services by covering with stalking, profanity and chatting, etc.
19. Acts collecting, storing and disclosing other members’ personal information without their consent
20. Acts engaging in commercial activities by using services provided by Company for the purpose of posting advertisements and propaganda to an unspecified number of members or sending spam
21. Acts violating the current legislations and the regulations on the use of other services in the Terms set for the services provided by Company.
22. Other Illegal or Unlawful Acts
B. If Member does acts of Clause A, Company may delete or temporarily delete the relevant postings and restrict the use of the services or cancel this contract unilaterally.
C. If adult authentication is required under the regulations of the relevant legislation in the services provided by Company, Member must provide Company with real name information in accordance with the methods provided by Company to use the services.

Article 21 (Prohibited Act)
A. Direct Transaction
1. The transaction Partner may have a responsibility for all matters caused by direct transaction, and Company may have no responsibility for them.
B. Unlawful Act of Auction
1. Company may prohibit all unlawful acts of unfair auction such as false bidding, habitual cancellation of successful bid, return after the purchase of auction item, bid obstruction and manipulation of successful bid price for fair auction.
2. Company may cancel the bidding if it confirms unlawful acts of auction, and may take measures such as bidding limitation and cancellation of the use contract in some cases.
C. Unlawful Act of System
1. Company may prohibits the acts of using the services or accessing to the system in an abnormal way without using the services provided by it.
2. If Company confirms the unlawful acts of the system, it may take measures such as collecting some or all of the additional benefits provided by it to the Member, restricting the use of certain services and canceling the use contract, and it may claim compensation for damages caused by this.
D. Unlawful Act of Payment
1. Company may prohibit the acts of using the purchase service provided by it by making fraudulent use of others’ name, card information and account information.
2. The legislations such as Credit Financial Business Act prohibits the acts of making an abnormal payment in the prohibited way as with financial accommodation in disguise of the sale of goods or the delivery of services. If Company confirms the contents, it may cancel the use contract, suspend Member’s transaction and notify relevant agencies.
3. It is prohibited to make purchases without the real purchase intention of goods such as the lack of real delivery of goods. If Company confirms the contents, it may cancel the transaction and take disciplinary measures in some cases.
E. Other Prohibited Acts
Member must not do the acts of causing losses to Company and interfere with fair market environment by concluding an abnormal number of transactions using the discount rate provided by it. If Company confirms the contents, it may cancel the transaction and take disciplinary measures such as the transaction suspension in some cases.

Article 22 (User Management)
A. Company may take the following measures against members who violate this Article of these Terms, relevant legislations and general principles of business transactions.
Collection of some or all of the additional benefits provided by Company - Restriction on the use of certain services - Cancellation of the use contract - Claim to damages – Call for investigation to Police Cyber Crime Investigation Team
B. If Company takes measures prescribed in each Number of the preceding Article, it may notify Member by wire, e-mail and other means in advance, and notify hereafter after preemptive measures in exceptional cases such as communication interruption with Member or urgency
C. If Member has a protest reason for Company’s measures, he/she may make a protest against this.

Article 23 (Benefit Delivery for Member)
1. Company may deliver Member a certain grade based on the purchase amount, number, frequency and other use results of him/her, and deliver a certain benefit according to each grade.
2. Company may notify all matters and the change with regards to the grades and benefits delivered by it on a separate service screen.

Article 24 (Service Period and Suspension)
A. The service period under these Terms may be from the date of service application to the cancellation of use contract.
B. Company may temporarily suspend the delivery of services in the cases of maintenance, check, replacement, breakdown, communication interruption of Information and Communication equipment such as computer. In this case, Company may notify of the temporary suspension of services and the reasons through notice.

C. If Company cannot delivery its services due to natural disaster or equivalent irresistible force, it may restrict or temporarily suspend the delivery of services.

Article 25 (Service Fee)
Company may deliver various services for free e-commerce between members and charge the fee (service fee) under its internal policy.

Article 26 (Reversion of Right)
A. Service copyright and intellectual property rights may be reversed to Company. However, Company may exclude copyrighted works provided under the partnership contract.
B. Company may have copyrights and other intellectual property rights on all trademarks, service marks, logos and with regards to the services provided by the Company, including the design of services provided by it, and text, script, graphic, transfer function between members created by it under the legislations of Korea and foreign countries, or may have ownership or use rights of them.
C. As Member may be permitted to use the services from Company, not to own the services or have copyrights on the services due to these Use Terms, he/she may use the services in the form provided for information acquisition or personal use only.
D. Except for explicitly permitted contents, Members may not copy or distribute member-to-member transfer function of texts, scripts and graphics created by Company, including use, copying, and distribution of membership status information obtained through the service for commercial purposes
E. Company may grant to Member only the right to use the account, ID and content under the terms and conditions prescribed by it with regards to the services, and he/she may not do the disposition such as transfer, sale and security delivery.
F. Company may use the information of member postings (seller information, purchaser information and other transaction information) obtained from the services without Member’s permission for the purpose of its profit.
G. Both copyrights and intellectual property rights of the information created and generated by Member while using Company’s services may be reversed to Company.
However, Company and Member may have joint ownership or use rights on the content generated by him/her.

Article 28 (Conclusion of Sales Contract and Payment)
A. The sales contract of goods may be concluded as Member expresses the intention of subscription in response to the sales conditions of goods proposed by the seller, and the seller expresses the intention of consent to this.
B. Company may provide a way for members to make a payment by cash, card or other means.
C. The purchaser must bear all responsibility and disadvantage for the information entered by him/her in respect of the sales payment.
D. If Member does not make a sales payment within a certain period of time after ordering goods, Company may cancel the order without his/her consent.
E. Company may take measures to confirm the conclusion of purchase and sales contract of the purchaser through Member’s shopping history, and may guide the method and procedure of canceling the sales contract.
F. Company may confirm whether the purchaser has the fair right to use the payment instrument used for the purchase and sale payment, and may suspend the transaction until the confirmation is completed, or may cancel the unconfirmed transaction.

Article 29 (Delivery)
Delivery may be made by mutual consultation between members, and Company may not intervene in this, and may not bear the legal responsibility for the process and result.

Article 30 (Cancellation)
Cancellation may be made by mutual consultation between members, and Company may not intervene in this, and may not bear the legal responsibility for the process and result.

Article 31 (Return)
Return may be made by mutual consultation between members, and Company may not intervene in this, and may not bear the legal responsibility for the process and result.

Article 32 (Exchange)
Exchange may be made by mutual consultation between members, and Company may not intervene in this, and may not bear the legal responsibility for the process and result.

Article 33 (Repayment)
Repayment may be made by mutual consultation between members, and Company may not intervene in this, and may not bear the legal responsibility for the process and result.

Article 34 (Purchase Safety Service)
A. Company may reserve the payment made by the purchaser for the prepaid mail order in it, and may secure purchaser's safety by paying the seller for the goods or services after the delivery is completed.
B. Company may request the purchaser to notify of the goods received within three business days from the date received the goods.
C. If Company does not notify the purchaser of the goods received over 3 business days from the date received the goods, it may pay the payment to the sales member by considering to have received the goods.
D. Details of the purchase safety service may be governed by Company's regulations of “Electronic Financial Transaction Terms”.

Article 35 Prohibition of trademark right and copyright infringement
A. When using others’ trademark or logo, the sales member must obtain permission to use as a document in advance to the right holder. The unauthorized use of others’ registered trademark without permission, as in the following example, may constitute unfair competition under the Unfair Competition Prevention and Trade Secret Act (Article 2), and the use of trademark rights may be prohibited because of a possibility of infringement.
- If the sales member uses phrases such as ~style, ~st, ~stal(스탈), ~shape, ~esque, ~type
- If the sales member deletes a part of famous brand name to use it
B. Company prohibits the sale of imitation goods that use trademarks owned by others (individuals or companies) without permission. All imitation goods are not available for sale, irrespective of whether or not they have been notified in advance.
- If the sales member enters the texts such as Grade A, Special Grade A, Grade SA and Imitation for name or detailed description of registered goods.
C. If the sales member uses famous trademarks without permission for title, keyword and detailed description of goods, the Company may be reject the goods or register them as restricted goods, and may apply the penalties such as credit score deduction, goods deletion and seller ID suspension, and may not refund basic fees and additional service fees.
D. If the sales member uses all creations expressing human thoughts or feelings such as photographs taken by others, and images or texts created by others without permission for goods registration, the Company may prohibit this because unauthorized use is a copyright infringement.
E. The following cases are a copyright infringement.
- If the sales member uses or links catalogs or texts such as photographs, images and producers created or made by others without permission
- If the sales member publishes newspaper articles without permission, or edits a part of the articles to promote the goods for sale
- If the sales member captures the broadcast screen to promote the goods for sale
- If the sales member publishes comment about other sellers’ goods
F. If the sales member infringes others’ copyrights, the Company may reject the registration of the goods or may register as restricted goods, and may apply the penalties such as credit score deduction, goods deletion and seller ID suspension, and may not refund basic fees and additional service fees.
G. The Company may prohibit this because entertainers’ photographs and videos is an infringement of copyright or portrait rights for entertainer, entertainer’s management company and advertisement company.
- If the sales member scans and uses entertainers’ photographs in magazines
- If the sales member uses entertainers’ photo videos without permission
- If the sales member uses texts such as entertainers’ name + style without permission for title, keyword and detailed description of goods
- If the sales member captures and use the broadcast screen
H. The sale of goods may be suspended if the infringement of portrait rights and name rights is exposed.

Article 36 Sale Prohibition of Goods in Violation of Legislation Compliance Obligation
1) If the seller needs a certain qualification of sales under the individual legislations such as electric appliances, medical devices, food and cosmetics, or if he/she needs verification for distribution on the commodity itself, the Company may prohibit the sale of the goods that do not meet the requirements of the relevant legislations or the goods sale of him/her who does not meet the requirements of the relevant legislations.
2) If the seller does not fulfill the obligation to comply with the legislations, the Company may grant penalties according to the number of warnings. However, the Company may restrict seller’s membership for some goods with advanced notification or notice regardless of the number of warnings below.
Article 37 (Company Exemption)
A. Since the Company is only provide members with an online transaction place (marketplace) and other additional information, the transaction partners, members must directly perform post-processing such as management of the goods proceeding, transaction fulfillment, goods delivery, subscription withdrawal or return, goods flaw and dispute settlement from imitation goods related to the transactions between the members through the goods transaction. The Company may not be involved in this, as well as may does not bear any responsibility.
B. If The Company does not provide its services temporarily or finally due to natural disaster or equivalent irresistible force, maintenance, inspection, replacement, breakdown and interruption of communication, it may exempt the responsibility for the delivery of services. In this case, the Company may post on the internet site screen provided by it, or otherwise may notify the members.
C. Company may not bear the responsibility for the disruption of the service use due to the reasons attributable to the Internet user or the Member.
D. The Company may not the responsibility (including product responsibility) for Member’s damages caused by flaw of the goods traded through the goods transaction service, errors and defect of goods registration information and fake goods,
E. The Company may not bear the responsibility for Member’s damages in reliance on the accuracy of information, data and facts posted by other members. In other words, the Company may provide the purchaser with the ways to view the information of the sales member under, Article 20, Clause 4 of the Fire Service Act. The sales member may not enter the information, or must bear all responsibility caused by false entry.
F. The Company and its Affiliated Company (refers to the company that operates the site linked to the service screen and link of the Company) may be operated independently, and the Company may not bear the responsibility for the transactions between the Affiliate and the Member.
G. The Company may only provide the transaction system, and the transaction partner must bear the responsibility for all disputes about the transaction contents.
H. If the services are temporarily suspended due to the reason for Article 25, Clause (B), the Company may not bear the responsibility for Member’s or the third party’s damages caused by this. However, the Company may bear the responsibility for the case caused by Company’s intentional or gross negligence.
I. If the service is restricted or suspended due to the reason of Article 25, Clause (c), the Company may exempt the responsibility for irresistible force.
J. The Company may not bear the responsibility for the obstacle to the use of services due to the reasons attributable to Member.
K The Company may not bear any responsibility for damages caused by Member’s leakage or delivery of his/her personal information to others.
L. The Company may not bear any responsibility except for obligation to monitor the quality of products or services advertised by the third party through the service screen or the linked website.
M. The Company, its employees and representatives may not bear the responsibility for damages from the following matters.
1. Damages caused by false or inaccurate membership status information
2. Personal damages in the process of Access to Services and the use of Services regardless of the nature and background
3. Damages from the third party’s illegal access to the server or the illegal use of the server;
4. Damages from third party's illegal interruption or suspension of transmission to the server or transmission from the server
5. Damages caused by all viruses, spyware and other malicious programs that have been illegally transmitted or distributed by the third party using the Services;
6. Damage caused by error, omission, skip and destruction of transmitted data.
7. Civil liabilities due to defamation or other illegal activities during the registration of "Member" status information between members and the use of "service"
8. The Company may delete or amend the information on the goods and services, if requested by a legitimate holder not claim. The sales member may claim compensation due to this from the company.
9. The Company may not bear any responsibility for sales member’s damages caused by the negligence of obligation to observe the change of Terms and individual Terms provided by other relevant legislations and the Company, and notice for sales member.
10. The company may prohibits the sale of fake goods (trademark and copyright problems such as so-called fake, SA, imitation), such as fakes, SA, and imitation. In other words, the transaction partner must bear the responsibility for all disputes about the transaction contents.

Article 38 (Governing Law and Competent Court)
The service contract between these terms, the Company and the Member, and the mutual goods transaction between members may apply the legislations of the Republic of Korea. The interpretation and competent court on the service contract between these terms, the Company and the Member, and the mutual goods transaction between members are governed by the legislations of the Republic of Korea.

President of OJWorld Co., Ltd, Seo Chul Wook (Seal)