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Committees for the Establishment of the Dongdaemun Fashion Digital Center and Fashion Platform

Recently, Dongdaemun shopping district has been in trouble due to sluggish sales. To address this problem, a "committee for building a fashion platform and a digital center for Dongdaemun Fashion" was launched on Thursday. The committee was joined by university professors from home and abroad, small and mid-sized venture companies, overseas companies and commercial officials.

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OJWorld (CEO, Seo Allen) is working with the Dongdaemoon Fashion Town Tourism Council (chairman Park Joong-hyun) to advance into the global market.

OJWorld is a next-generation messenger platform with features such as mobile store My Shop (MY SHOP), mobile home shopping "T-commerce"

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Hallyu AI Center signed MOA with OJWorld, a blockchain-based SNS platform company.

Hallyu AI Center is focusing on upgrading AI chatbot services to provide an integrated portal service for "hallyu" targets that incorporate artificial intelligence. According to the company

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OJWorld (CEO, Seo Allen), which specializes in messenger platform services, announced on the 11th that it has released beta versions of its messenger platform "Weegle" in Iran and South Korea at the same time.

Weegle is a fifth-generation messenger that has functions such as mobile store platform "My Shop" (MY SHOP), mobile home shopping "T-commerce" and simplified payment services. Mobile store owners can advertise their products directly through T-commerce. "Weegle is introducing services that are differentiated from Iranian local messengers through variety of functions." said a representative for a company.

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OJWorld (CEO, Seo Allen) made an announcement on the 25th that it has signed MOU with Iran's TOSAN (chairman Bali Al Patemi) regarding establishment of digital banking system in Iran and entry of messenger platform Weggle into the local market.

OJWorld is a venture company that developed the next generation messenger platform Weegle. Weggle is a messenger that combines blockchain-based virtual currency transactions, broadcasting and shopping functions. Advanced digital banking systems such as QR payment systems are installed. In particular, it is possible to realize diverse and secure communication by installing blockchain service from Cube System (CEO Kim Dong-oh).

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OJ WORLD and Iran 'ARAD TADBIR' signed “Weegle” service and operation contract

OJWorld (CEO, Seo Allen) made an announcement on the 20th that it recently signed an agreement with ARAD TADBIR of TOSAN Group, which is a local conglomerate that develops banking systems, in Tehran, Iran, to service and operate its fifth-generation messenger platform WIGL.

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OJWorld Enters the Iranian Messenger Market Simultaneous service with Korea's in-house development platform

Messenger-based service company OJWorld rushes into the Iranian messenger market. OJWorld announced on January 31 that the first commercialization service of its own 5th generation messenger platform will be launched in Korea and Iran at the same time.

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